Everything you ever wanted to know about litigation funding (but never got around to asking)

In the first of a series of Podcasts, Scott Willis interviews Family Law experts Nigel Shepherd and Peter Burgess, posing some of the most important questions when it comes to understanding litigation funding and how best to approach financial conversations with Family Law Clients. Listen to the podcast below and start the conversation in comments!

Divorce in the UK – can we improve the process?

In our first #DivorceTrends report, we explore common client perceptions of divorce law in 2020, and touch on a range of topics including clients’ communication preferences, #divorce financing trends and an assessment of the understanding and perception of the court system versus ADR. We’d like to thank everyone involved for their help in pulling this insightful piece together, whichContinue reading “Divorce in the UK – can we improve the process?”

You’re a coach, but do you know it?

Hello, I’m Dina. I’m a life and career coach to creatives and career changers. I coach individuals wanting to find a fulfilling and meaningful job, and I help creatives level up.  It sounds like my job is a million miles away from what you do, but I’m here to argue for the other side. YourContinue reading “You’re a coach, but do you know it?”

Is ‘loan’ still a dirty word for HNWI finances?

Marcus Holburn, Finance Director @ Ampla Finance Historically, the word ‘loan’ would send shivers up the spine of many steady, solvent people, conjuring images of red-letters and bailiffs at the door.  But whilst the steady-eddies of the world were living within their means, others were leveraging their assets, using available finance to take advantage ofContinue reading “Is ‘loan’ still a dirty word for HNWI finances?”

Divorce Day – What you need to know

Whether you believe in ‘Divorce Day’ or not, many Family Law firms report a spike in divorce proceedings on the first working Monday after the winter break.   That said, although separation applications are traditionally expected to rise in the new year, recent statistics released by The Marriage Foundation reveal that current divorce rates inContinue reading “Divorce Day – What you need to know”

Know your divorce funding options

We appreciate that divorce is already a difficult time, without the added pressure of juggling legal costs too. Since legal aid cuts in 2013, an increasing number of people have had to weigh up their divorce funding options. From credit cards to personal loans, the financial choices can be intimidating and expensive. Many people chooseContinue reading “Know your divorce funding options”