Introducing Ampla Finance Legacy

As many eagle-eyed readers may have already spotted, Ampla Finance has recently released a new financing product to sit alongside our existing Matrimonial divorce funding. Ampla Legacy has been designed to help resolve the long delays individuals endure in clearing probate after the death of a loved one. The probate process is notoriously lengthy, withContinue reading “Introducing Ampla Finance Legacy”

Everything you ever wanted to know about litigation funding (but never got around to asking)

In the first of a series of Podcasts, Scott Willis interviews Family Law experts Nigel Shepherd and Peter Burgess, posing some of the most important questions when it comes to understanding litigation funding and how best to approach financial conversations with Family Law Clients. Listen to the podcast below and start the conversation in comments!

Divorce in the UK – can we improve the process?

In our first #DivorceTrends report, we explore common client perceptions of divorce law in 2020, and touch on a range of topics including clients’ communication preferences, #divorce financing trends and an assessment of the understanding and perception of the court system versus ADR. We’d like to thank everyone involved for their help in pulling this insightful piece together, whichContinue reading “Divorce in the UK – can we improve the process?”


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About Us

We bring over 50 years’ experience in lending to offer transparent and fair financing options specifically designed to help fund legal costs for Family Law and Probate.

Our bespoke financing is approved quickly and matched to your personal situation.

We are dedicated to providing a seamless service to our Solicitor Partners, which means they can get on with the job at hand, whilst being reassured that the necessary funds will be available when you need them.

We promise quality, transparency and speed to make a difficult time that bit easier, and ensure you can afford the services you need.

Fast, flexible, but above all, fair 

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